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TASPEK, spol.s r.o.
founded in 1993


In the field of welding, we are equipped with welding semiautomates for welding in MIG and TIG and spot welding technology.
We weld common steel and stainless materials.

In the field of surface treatment, our workplace is equipped with modern blasting equipment and a box with a water wall
for metallization of metal surfaces with aluminum.


Production of weldments made of steel and stainless steel

The company has its own premises and workers - welders with many years of experience. We weld building structures, machine parts, including rounded surfaces of different radii and types of welded material.

Surface finish


We grind the cast iron fraction with a fraction suitable for a particular blasted surface and taking into account the subsequent surface treatment (type of paint or material subsequently applied). The technology consists of a blasting cab for parts up to 1.5 m in length and a total volume of about 0.5 m3 at the specified length.


Placement of aluminum layer on the abrasive and degreased surface, in the box with the water wall.


Serial and custom production

Spare parts for TRUCKS

Exhaust assembly from exhaust silencer via connecting line to exhaust tailpipes of all modifications including complete assembly in stainless steel.


We produce exhaust silencers on most models and modifications of trucks and commercial vehicles. Single and double-shell modifiers with damping material.

Exhaust terminals

We manufacture exhaust terminals of all sizes and adjustments from standardized to custom-made, according to customer specification. Common clients' wishes include tailpipes extending over the rear of the vehicle's load-bearing surface with various mounting options on the frame or bodywork of the vehicle.


for separated waste.

Production and repairs.

Steel gates and doors including frames

Production and installation of steel doors and gates including surface treatment. Steel door with roxor filler for securing the space, optionally with polycarbonate fillings.


TASPEK, spol. s r.o.

Hnojník 442
739 53 Hnojník
okr. Frýdek - Místek
Czech Republic

DIČ (VAT): CZ49611747

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Produktion, Bestellung und Abrechnung:

telephone+420 558 694 249

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Transport, Spedition, Zolldienste, Lagerung:

telephone+420 558 437 778


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