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doprava a spedice

Transport and logistics

We are contractually involved in the inland and foreign system
transport and forwarding companies.

We upload vehicle units with different tonnage,
with different dimensions and purpose of the loading area.

We carry out freight transport
with a focus on Western and Central Europe, including inland relations.

We carry out both full and single piece shipment
with delivery from 24 to 48 hours according to destination.

The company TASPEK, spol. s r.o. disposes of a fleet of vehicles with useful weight between 1t and 24t.

We have double-deck semi-trailers
with the possibility of loading up to 66 EUR pallets with a maximum weight of 24 t.

Thanks to this high-volume technique, our goal is
to reduce the transport cost to the customer for the pallet.


Tractors intended for international transport meet emission limits EUR5, EUR6.

TASPEK, spol. s r.o.

Hnojník 442
739 53 Hnojník
okr. Frýdek - Místek
Czech Republic

DIČ (VAT): CZ49611747

Výroba objednávky a fakturace

Production, Ordering and Billing:
Produktion, Bestellung und Abrechnung:

telephone+420 558 694 249

Doprava, spedice, celní služby, skladování

Transport, forwarding, customs services, storage:
Transport, Spedition, Zolldienste, Lagerung:

telephone+420 558 437 778


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